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Lacul de pescuit Moby Dick

Fishing Lake Moby Dick is a pond with a rich Fisheries Fund, with good conditions for fishing and breathtaking shots; every game is a success. ..(this is what is stated by the fishermen)


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This Lake is recommended to those fishermen who want every year to break their personal record , given the fact that the lake is always populated with new fishes havier than 10 kg or even 20 +




The Lake covers an area of 6 ha, water has a depth of 1.5 m to 5m and is crystal clean. Beautiful scenery, away from populated area . We tried to keep the raw wilderness of this landscape but also to provide a comfort to fishermen.



The Lake was built in 2010 and finished in 2011. As a new Lake it was  populated with Carp and Amur between 6 and 22 kg .   Now we can be proud of  that fish weightgrowth is continuous and average caught is more over 10 kg.  At the same time it was populated approximately 500 pieces of catfish, of 200 g (now being over 3 kg  each) several dozens of pieces. Pike and Phytophagous and 250 pieces perch between approx. 1 kg-5 kg and approx 50 pieces Smoothly between 1-2 kg. Your angling  won't be bothered by other species  because populating was done in such a way that they will not appear (only rarely),except  these species and juvenile carp .


Lake Moby Dick is recommended for people who want a game fishing in a civilized but peacefull  place.



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