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1. you can practice Fishing, just IN the system Catch & Relase (without retainer over)

2. the price is per person, maximum number of rods is 3  with a hook every

3. fishing will take place according to the following schedule: between 15.00 and next day 15.00

4. it is mandatory that the fisherman  have; reception mattress,  fish landing ,  disinfection spray

5. fishing is practiced on the shore

6. feeding is made from the shore with the possibility to use electric boats or you can rent the boat from fiberglass-is BANNED  FEEDDING WITH POWDERS  and LIVE BAIT (worms, frames) and CEREALS (only in  pva bag) textil wire more than 1 m is prohibited.

7. the fisherman has the obligation to submit for scrutiny at the request of the authorised personnel (Security Administrator), his  Luggage.

8.  fisherman and companions are requested to behave civilized, no howls, scandal

9. Fishers are required to maintain the cleanliness of the fishing Lake.

10. do not throw household trash on the shore and in the water.

11. do not destroy vegetation and trees surrounding the Lake.

12. the company reserves the right to select clients.

13. the company does not respond to the material or any form of accident, and track resulting from alcohol consumption.

14. it is forbidden the use of tents

15. those who do not want to rent  a box  are asked to fill the stands with odd numbers. (these being located between houses)

16. the number of people at a rented box is 2 people, those who want to rent a  box are asked to bring sheet and blanket, we have only mattress in beds.

17. a fisherman can be accompanied by  two persons

18. fire is allowed only in specially equipped places.

19. the fishermen are obliged to respect the rules of the Lake.

It Is Prohibited to:
-Removing the furniture from the terrace.
-Smoking inside the box.


Fishing can be done only Catch & Relase:
-Every fisherman will have to be fitted compulsorily with  receipt  mattress  of large size, fish landing and desinfectation spray
-Fish must be released
-The return is done quickly without hurting fish.
-You can only photograph Catches above the mattress  within 50 cm of the soil
-Fisherman who will be found that do not follow one of the above points, it will be removed immediately from the Lake area with no return fee.

We Ask You To:

-Keep peace.                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Keep clean
-Maintaining sanitary facilities.
Subsequent modifications of this regulation, will be announced in due time. For further clarification, please contact us at the "CONTACT" section


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